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Thursday, February 16, 2006 


Hi All.

I have added a count down timer on the side! hehe. courtesy of Yarn Harlot's minons.

Well, here is an update:

Jennifer (purse_ho)....turned the heel on her socks today. Just a few more inches and she will be done! that gold medal is near!

Mary (slow motion).... she has completed a few inches on her jacket. she's going great!! i'm proud of her!

Kathy - She completed ONE BABY BOOTIE!! GO KATHY! we are especially proud of her!!! she might get the gold after all! and to think...she just wanted to be a cheerleader!

Lee - she's going on her tomten! she's getting to the point where you seperate for the arm holes!

Mary Jane - She isn't doing the hello yarn hat anymore...she's working on a lace shawl! and she's working on it at home....at the store it's too distracting. hehe. she said she's going!

Barbara - she's 85% done with one mitten already!! whoo-hoo!

Peggy - She's gotten quite a few inches done on that jumper. i can't wait to see it finished!!

Trudie - she admitted today she hadn't started her sam the ram yet. hehe. it's ok...we'll see if she can get it done by closing ceremonies.

Joel - not sure of his progress....haven't seen him since Sunday! but i'm sure he's moving along well.

Elynne - I haven't heard from her...but i'm sure she's working hard on her clogs!

Jenn - She's moving along REALLY well!! take a peek! she's running for that gold medal!

I'll put up more pictures this weekend. i'll have everyone show me their projects and we'll snap pictures!

Time left for the Olympics!
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