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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Special Olympics? cheerleaders?

Kathy is going to join us as a cheerleader. We tried to encourage her to knit a washcloth, bobbi baby bear...but she isn't feeling it. haha. but she said she wants to be a cheerleader! WHOOO!!

Wendy and Nita want to join us a members of our "special olympics" team. hahahaaha. they are fairly new knitters. i wouldn't put thme in the special olympics category...but oh well. they are a funny bunch of girls.

Oh, I am so screwed--I can't find where I put my yarn for the Knitting Bag Jacket! I'm a downhill skier without skis, an icedancer without skates, a luge racer without a luge. It will take me the whole 16 Olympic days to go through all of my stash in the house and two rented storage buildings just to find the yarn. I may have crashed and burned before the Olympic flame has even been lit! Woe is me!

Go ahead, teammates, laugh at me--you know you want to.

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