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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 


So far, Mary Jane and Mary have joined in the blog. The others do not have blogability or access to the internet...so i will add them here and onto the sidebar.

Please send an email to the team email if you are interseted in joining us! this will be alot of fun!!

Jennifer (Purse_Ho) - Knitting 2 socks on one pair of circs
Mary - Cardigan on the cover of Sally Melville's Color Book
Barbara - Magnificent mittens!!
Mary Jane - Skull and Bones cap on Hello Yarns
Trudie - Sam the Ram from Earth Heart Designs
Lee - EZ Tomten Jacket w/ perfect buttonholes

More will be added prior to the start date!

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Team Members!


  • Simpatico Yarns

  • Team Buttons!

    don't link to this location....save it on your own server. geocities only allows so much. :)

    More will be added later. ;)

    Team Email

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