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Friday, February 10, 2006 

let the games begin!!!

Let the games BEGIN!!!

after much confusion, i saw that the games were supposed to begin at 2pm EST. oops. hahah. i thought it was 7p.

As the games go on, we will be posting various pics of everyone's projects and the process. For those of you who don't come into the store on a daily/weekly basis, if you want your pics included, please take a photo and mail it to the team.simpatico@gmail.com address. I'll post them up for you!

Debbie will be joining us for the games as well. As of 7p CST...she hadn't picked a project yet. but no worries. I think she's working on converting a machine knitting pattern into a hand knitting pattern....which we all know is a challenge in itself!

Time left for the Olympics!
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